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Some days,racing breaks my heart...

Updated: Jul 24, 2019


Every time I return home from the track, the impressions demand to be written…the same thing with a televised race, so God bless those camera operators. Whether your fandom is confined to your living room or good fortune and proximity has allowed for a close-up experience, we are the same. Racing fans who cheer, yell and feel an alphabet of emotions. Horses bring that out in folks.

I write for you and I hope that occasionally, something that I write will explain, illuminate or just inform about the many-layered issues and personalities that drive racing. Along the way, it is my mission to spotlight other writers, photographers, and artists that lift our sensibilities in awe and wonder at the majesty of a running thoroughbred. Equine science and innovations also deserve to be noted and this blog promises authenticity and the research to write about complicated stuff and drill it down to everyday English.

The art and science of racing fascinate me and like many of you, a great shot of a horse or even a hat contribute to a memory bank of visuals. The skill involved with training or riding a racehorse is on a par with the shooter, the writer or the painter who frets the position, the color or the syntax of expression. Racing is blessed to have such artists, many of whom work for free or for very little compensation. I honor them as well as those racing stars portrayed in print, on a canvas or through a lens. Stay tuned for some exciting contributions.

For this inaugural blog, I credit Eric Kalet for the loan of his great pictures. The very talented A.E. Sabo executed the cartoons featured in the archived blogs. Starting Gate Marketing developed the site under the direction of Steve Crayne, who probably rues the day he answered my call.

More fun and words to come. Kate

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