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About Kate Richards

Journey Into The Heart Of Racing

There is something that stirs inside me from watching a racehorse and hearing the thud of their hooves and noise from the crowd. It is primal and intuitive: joy, awe and the occasional aching from witnessing an accident. One of my professors called my connection to the sport a “sensemaking exercise”, a term that describes the use of one relative element to understand another. A simple phrase ‘I like him because my dog likes him’ serves as a less scholarly description of understanding and acceptance because the dog is intuitive, and that reaction frames the human response.

A love for racing allows for a rich opportunity to observe the engagement of horses with their caregivers and track pilots as it is ancient and spiritual. For this writer, these stories are deep and colored by experience and emotion. Moreover, there is the responsibility to chronicle the highs and lows of truth as the horses and the fans deserve it.  This website reflects a promise to relate the words that reflect on the skill, risk and more than a bucketful of technical knowledge in the care and protection of these magnificent equines.

From the horses and the hats, to the jockeys and the juleps, my essays will take you inside the heart of racing. Moreover, this website intends to encourage learning about what it takes to get a horse race ready as well as how genetics can influence performance. Peopled by the talented, the persevering and then the downright oddballs, the sport breeds excellence as well as eccentricity. It is charmed.

A racehorse’s heart is frequently mentioned as an indicator of willfulness and it is fascinating to witness the figurative size of that heart that separates the good horse from the great one. This author frequently observes the same quality of ‘I can, and I will’ reflected in a jockey or a trainer’s interviewed comments.  Racing is a sport driven by bright spirits, filled with competitors of the two-legged and four-legged kind, both in the barns, on the track and in the seats.

My career in marketing and a late-life graduate school adventure have honed both my thoughts and mindset in writing about this sport and I intend to take a reader with me as I explore trends, tip sheets and the occasional tipsy drink recipe. This website will also share the author’s archived articles from HRN and pastthewire.com as well as the hat creations that are offered for off-track thoroughbred fundraising.

A goal is to grow this website and share some artists and other written pieces that lend themselves to offering credible knowledge and improving your fan experience.


So… here is your invitation to come along and learn with me as I discover the best parts of “My Racing Heart”.



"Kate has been working with our California group called "We support horseracing" as a volunteer consultant in change management.. Realizing that racing haters can get traction given the current media climate, I am grateful for her long-distance work on the current crisis."

Karen Norton,

Founder, We Support Horse Racing

"As her editor at Horse Racing Nation for several years, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Kate. Her unique style and flair for writing was always a welcome addition to the website. Her knowledge of the game combined with her out of the box thinking was an  impressive combination, and made her a valued asset to the team."

Brian Zipse
Managing Partner, DERBY DAY RACING
President, The Exceller Fund
Former Mgr./Editor horseracingnation.com



Kate Richards

Versailles, Kentucky

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